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About Us

Thanks for visiting ChancesLily.  We are inspired by our best furry friends and ran by those who have a little experience with wet kisses and dog hair. Chanceslily never could hold her licker!

We stock only those products that we would give to our own four-legged friends and that represent the best mix of fun, quality and value. When you shop at, your order receives personal attention and often sniffs of approval from a resident dog. Your order will almost always be shipped on time and with the greatest care.

We provide special discounts to existing customers because we value our relationships. We take personal pride in ensuring that you're satisfied with your order and that you'll tell your friends about

In the true spirit of "A Dog's Purpose" written by W. Bruce Cameron, life is about having fun; saving others; not getting caught in the past or regrets; finding someone to be with; and living for today. At ChancesLily, this statement serves as our value statement for dogs are special friends who make our lives richer and the world a better place.

We encourage dog lovers to participate in a local dog rescue program.  Whether it's your local humane society or other dog rescue agencies, a dog saved can only be described as divine, having the ability to forgive, letting go of the past, and live each day joyously. It’s something the rest of us strive for. We share a portion of our profits with rescue agencies as a tribute to our dogs everywhere! I hope you join us for this human cause.

We know you will find value in our store and help us make a difference in a dog's life.